Datacenter Management Solution

Assessment Services

Polestar assigns a dedicated enterprise architect who initially conducts the assessment of the current enterprise service and infrastructure environment and is responsible for developing the target solution and associated cost to transition.

Polestar’s enterprise architects possess the deep operational delivery experience and technical knowledge required to understand and develop the most optimal solution to meet enterprise requirements. They are augmented by subject matter experts from Polestar’s delivery organizations, to provide solution analysis, timeline and cost validation for the applicable areas within scope.

The team evaluates the enterprise’s resources, platforms and processes across all domains of the data center (including facilities, hardware, virtual and operating systems, middle-ware, database, applications and end users) to gain a comprehensive understanding of capabilities to be able to advise where outsourcing will provide the greatest benefit. The output of the assessment is a detailed proposal inclusive of a solution design, statement of work, project plan and business case, which is formally presented in person to the enterprise.

Integration Services

Whether assessed by Polestar, 3rd party consultant or the enterprise itself, Polestar’s portfolio of integration services, help in transitioning an enterprise’s current IT services to Polestar’s managed services. For data center environments, these services can range from a consolidation of data center locations through systems and the respective software applied to it; building a new data center; migrating a data centers to a hosted co-location or cloud center, and/or refreshing the technology within an existing or target data center.

Similar approaches pertain to end user and networking environments in differing degrees and leverage the data center environment through virtualization. Polestar’s integration services are delivered by a combination of delivery professionals at client locations, including an on-site service delivery manager, program manager and overall delivery solutions architect, in collaboration with expert technicians in one or more of Polestar’s remote delivery centers. The teams operate using ITIL based processes and industry leading automation tools.

Managed Services

Managed ServicesOnce the target environment is in place, Polestar’s ongoing managed services take over. Services include field engineering; service/help desk; monitoring; systems administration and technical support services, all of which are further evolved through continuous improvement initiatives.

Polestar’s remote infrastructure management service (RIMS), delivers IT services from regional and global operations centers worldwide. Each center is modeled with network and security operations monitoring capabilities, and technical and product domain expertise in support of the core services provided above.

Polestar also compliments its remote capabilities with field engineering teams that are co-resident at client’s end user and/or datacenter locations who work closely and under the guidance of the technical experts when services require on-site support. Polestar also incorporates a global logistics organization for ongoing equipment support in datacenters and end user locations, and a procurement organization tied to a global partner program enabling technology refreshes as part of modernization and continuous improvement initiatives, both which are core components to any multi-year program.

Similar to our integration services, these teams leverage established processes and tools which make them best in class and allow for rapid global scale at competitive prices. At the same time, Polestar recognizes that clients have invested in environments which they wish to maintain. In addition or in place of its own platforms, Polestar works with a range of manufacturer’s products owned by its clients and for any new technology which needs to be adopted and has a tried and true process to acquire the necessary experience to do so.

Managed Hosting

Businesses across the globe are struggling with the myriad of options available to them to manage their data centers, and are faced with questions such as: should I upgrade my existing facilities, move to a hosted solution, move to the cloud, or is there a different approach that’s better? What’s right for my organization and long term business goals?

Is your organization still interested in maintaining control over their system hardware or are deploying legacy applications not suitable for cloud computing? Maybe you see a mix of hosted and cloud solutions being as you are looking for.

Polestar’s Managed Hosting services can offer the technical expertise and support organization’s business needs to reduce costs.

Managed Database Services

Management of information and data are crucial for a successful business. Today enterprises face challenges in managing the increasing amount of data and its security and accessibility. Polestar’s Managed Database Services provide database consulting and managed services to ensure databases are built and managed to satisfy business needs. Polestar will build an optimized service delivery model, which is highly efficient and cost effective based on organization’s unique requirements.


Our Data center management solution helps customers to enhance infrastructure efficiency, improve business agility, optimize operational expenses and improve scalability and data center privacy to mention a few. Our offering improves flexibility and reliability, and also provides the agility to migrate to the latest technologies


Our Data center management solution helps customers to enhance infrastructure efficiency and improve business agility.


Our Data center management solution optimize operational expenses and improve scalability and data center privacy to mention a few.


Our offering improves flexibility and reliability, and also provides the agility to migrate to the latest technologies.

What Our Clients Say

We hired Polestar for a large e-learning course development project. It was a pleasure to work with them, despite being located offshore. The assigned project manager had good attention to detail, kept the deliverables on-time and on-budget, and always kept us informed of progress. I would gladly work with Polestar again.

Learning Technology Consultant

Large Retail Client

Polestar Project Manager led his team to achieve our results on the project on time and as expected. They were extremely attentive and monitored frequently to ensure things were proceeding as desired. Excellent customer service. They provided great value.

Sr. Organization Development Consultant

Large Healthcare Client

As a small business owner, I turned to Polestar to provide e-learning development services. I worked closely with them on three projects over the course of approximately 18 months and was very pleased with both the process and the results. They were responsive, organized, and proactive. I would endorse them to everybody.


e-Learning Service Provider Company